Susan McKenney: Research & consultancy projects

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Democratizing Critical Thinking: Teacher design teams in vocational education innovate their education in ways that support critical thinking for and through citizenship development and Bildung (NWO-NRO) with Michiel Waltman and colleagues

Educative Materials: Materials to support teacher growth in the context of cutting edge chemistry research (DUDOC) with Tim van Dulmen and colleagues

Video Coaching: Designing video coaching to support early career teachers' instructional practice (BSL) with Sara van der Linden and colleagues

Teacher Intuition and Tact: Enhancing teacher intuition and pedagogical tact through systemic exercises (HBO) with Gerbert Sipman and colleagues

IMPULS: STEM learning innovation situated in cutting edge university research (MOCW) with ELAN colleagues

Design Dimensions: Understanding and improving curriculum materials design practices for effective large scale implementation in science (NSF) with Anushree Bopardikar, Sara (Walkup) Kolar and colleagues



Team-based professional developent: Possibilities and challenges of collaborative curriculum design in higher education (CEE), with Inken Gast and colleagues

Critical dialogue: Citizenship development through respectful argumentation in primary school (NWO-NRO)

Betekenisvol Onderwijs: Case studies of teacher needs for creating meaningful learning opportunities in lower secondary vocational education (TYF)

Connecting the DOTS: Supporting the implementation of teacher design teams (TYF) with Floor Binkhorst and colleagues

Twente Outreach: Qualitative investigation of stakeholder concerns related to research-practice partnerships in education (UT)

ICT for Education in Developing Countries: A scoping study to inform research funding programming (IRDC)

Open Discovery Space: A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure (EU)

Scenarios for Effective Workplace Learning: HBO en MBO educators collaborate with internship mentors to improve vocational education (HPBO)

ICT-EL: Empowering teachers in the integration of ICT-rich learning for early literacy development (NWO)

Research & Development in Education: Systematic review of literature to understand the (dis)connections between educational research and development (NWO)

Designing for Scale: Reconstructive analysis of large scale curriculum design projects (SLO)

Design talk in teacher teams: Collaborative design of ICT-rich early literacy learning material (NWO) with Ferry Boschman and colleagues

Teachers as designers: Teacher roles and pupil outcomes in technology-rich early literacy learning (Kennisnet) with Amina Cviko and colleagues

The plan-enact-reflect cycle: Supporting para-teachers in an Indian NGO (Nuffic) with Harini Raval and colleagues

Inhoudelijke leiderschap en het jonge kind: Case studies of innovative teacher teams who are improving the language arts curriculum in lower primary grades (SLO)

ECENL: An explorative study into the status quo of early childhood research in the Netherlands (SLO)

Taal in de Zaakvakken: The added value of ICT in linguistic and (science) conceptual development (SLO)

TRAITS: Training the Trainer for enhancing Skills program, aimed at capacity building among Amity Institute staff for education in India (Nuffic)

INDEED: Indian Dutch Exchange program on Educational Development aimed at capacity building among Pratham staff for (pre) primary education in India (Nuffic)

NITTT: Networking for Innovations in Teacher Training and Technology (World Bank)

SPES: Support for Primary Education in Suriname Consultant (IADB)