Susan McKenney: Current/recent service & affiliations

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National and international boards or committees

  • Exdcutive board, ISDDE (International Society for Design and Development in Education)
  • Board member, VOR Curriculum Division
  • Board member, ICO Curriculum Division (the Dutch national school of educational research)
  • Board member, Primato: the association of all public primary schools in Hengelo
  • Publications committee member, ISLS
  • Conference (sub-)committees and/or reviews: AERA, EARLI, ICLS, ISDDE, ORD
  • Doctoral committees (external examiner): Various
  • Advisory boards (e.g. NSF DRK-12 projects): Various

Journals and Research Councils

  • Past Editor-in-Chief for ISDDE journal, Educational Designer
  • Current associate editor, Journal of the Learning Sciences
  • Reviewer for British Journal of Educational Technology
  • Reviewer for Computers and Education
  • Reviewer for Educational Technology Research & Development
  • Reviewer for the International Journal of Science Education
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Research on Technology in Education
  • Reviewer for Learning and Individual Differences
  • Reviewer for Learning and Instruction
  • Reviewer for SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
  • Reviewer for FWO (Flanders Research Foundation)
  • Reviewer for NIE (National Institute of Education, Singapore)


  • AERA: American Educational Research Association
  • EARLI: European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction
  • IBR: (Twente) Institute for Behavioral Research
  • ICO: (Dutch) Inter-university Center for Educational Research
  • ISDDE: International Society for Design and Development in Education
  • ISLS: International Society of the Learning Sciences
  • VOR: Vereniging voor Onderwijskundig Onderzoek (Dutch Educational Research Association)